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17mths wont wear shoes Lock Rss

my 17mth boy freaks when i try to put sandals on him he has been walking for 4-5weeks any hints on how i can change this
my DS - 18 months - hated shoes when he first started walking (and before) as well... It is good for them to walk bare foot when they first start walking anyway! Now he has been walking for 6 months or so, he associates shoes with going out or outside, and he will get them for me whenever he wants to go out! I am sure its just a phase like everything else in toddlerhood!! Sorry dont have any tips to help at the moment, my guy just seemed to get over it one day..

Suz, NSW

This is probably a silly question but have you had your sons feet professionally measured? When our boy first got shoes I thought he was a size 4. My hubby took him to one of those "old fashioned shoe shop" kinda places and had him measured. Shoe guru told him that the lad was a 5 but that we should buy him sized 6 shoes! I would've been squeezing his toes into shoes that where way too small for him. They looked OK when I measured them against the bottom of his foot. Just a thought. You may have done this already. We still have phases with him not wanting to wear new shoes. Persistance is the key. Good luck

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

My girls started off wearing walking booties, cordaruy covered booties with rubbery soles. after that they had to choose the shoes at the store (from my selection) since then they have been fairly good. Barefoot to the car then shoes on to go to park etc...
Their favourite colours were a big hit!

Mum to twin girls 3yrs

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