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2-year-old Christmas Present Ideas Lock Rss

My DS is going to be just under 2 this Christmas and I'm trying to come up with a great Christmas pressie. Doesn't have to be anything very fancy or expensive, but I want something he will enjoy for a long time yet. I'm finding that he changes so much over a year, he outgrows toys very quickly!

Last year, we got him an inflatable pool with a hoop for balls and a little slide (which doesn't work too well for him!)

I'm thinking of getting a trike with a push-bar for me. He won't be able to pedal yet, but he loves his little ride-on car. I'm hoping that the pedals won't impede the way he propels himself along at the moment.

Would LOVE to hear of any other suggestions.

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06


Have you thought of a simple swing set? It's something that lasts for years and kids just love them and if you have anymore kiddies, then they will enjoy it as well. Em my 14mth old is getting a swing, she loves them when we go to the park, we will be using the frame that her dad used as a kid!


Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

I'm putting together a couple of different boxes for my daughter for christmas and they are relatively cheap and easy to do. I am making a dress-up box full of hats, bags, shoes etc and secondly a music box full of different instruments. You can keep adding to these over the years and i know from working in child care that children never lose interest in them. You can put them out every couple of weeks for a week at a time and this way they don't get bored either. hope this helps!

Nicole NT

how about role playng toys? Like a kitchen set? then he can cook, and have tea parties.

Or a toy tool bench. My kids love to "fix" things.

I love the little people sets too, they are pretty good, especially if there is a doll house like one!

All my boys have loved playing pretend and they like doll houses as much as the girls (but as long as they werent pink or barbie)

Take him in the shops and give him a go on the trike, he might surprise you, my daughter could pedal at about 19 months. I agree with the swing set, also we're getting mine a Magna doodle, she loves drawing and this is a bit cleaner than textas! Sandpit and related toys, big Tonka trucks are always great, mine loves hers, anything to 'copy' you-gardening set, tool set etc, anything water play, big blackboard and chalk, you can buy blackboard paint from bunnings and DIY. There's so much fun stuff at this age!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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