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toy kitchen Lock Rss

does anyone have toy kitchen for their little ones? Are they wooden or plastic and how old were yours when they started playing with it??? Thought this might be a good xmas idea for Maya, something she could grow with, maybe she's too young? any ideas... thanks.

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Hi sararead, my dad makes woodeen chns furniture, and Mack has had a stove since about 14/15mths old (now 22mths). I really didn't think she'd get much out of it at that age, but she loved it right from the start, and she now makes up many cups of tea, bickies, etc etc. I am hoping she might get a sink for Chrissie or a table to match her chair. I'm thinking about letting her take it outside and she can use it with water. If you do get a wooden one, go for a well made pine one, that is painted or varnished (ours is), that way it can be in the sand, water etc, without much harm. Dad has supplied these to many child care centres, and they last for years. I think its a great idea.

Michelle (sorry its so long!)
My girls are now 2yrs 10nths and adore their play kitchen, bought it from Kmart its ply or maycinite (don't know how to spell) cost $129 last xmas on special. If thinking of plastic look closely, The ones I found, I reckon my girls would have wrecked instantly.
This one from Kmart has weather amazingly, they climb inside (air holes provided), put their guinea pigs inside, cook, clean using the sink bowl. Play plastic food is an excellent addition.
Tea sets never will come with enough spoons. I buy pinic spoons from woolies to keep them stocked up.

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