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Toddlers Booster Seat Best One? Recaro? Safe n Sound? Lock Rss

Hi has any one bought a Recaro Start Booster seat? THe Recaro supplier in Australia says it is illegal for hin to sell it here.. but after some research it seems to be the safest and most comfortable one on the market that caters for larger children even up to age of 12. Does any one have any info? Do you reccommend any particular booster seat - best quality one if possible (if price is not an issue)? Has any one ordered a booster seat from the USA or overseas?

Any info would be appreciated


Hi Penny,

I've looked into this as well.

The Recaro Start has an aluminum frame while all the other other booster seats in the market have a plastic frame. Hence more protection for kids in the event of an accident.

Not to mention the fact that Recaro make great high quality seats for adults.

I don't understand why the australian supplier hasn't submitted them for approval under the Australian Standards. But perhaps it's because they don't think there's a market for them in Australia due to their price.

I am looking into getting the Recaro Start R1 from Japan.

The Maxi Rider costs $370 and the Recaro will cost roughly the same price, but hopefully will be able to get a cheaper price as I'm buying 2 in one hit. :*

Hi Girls,

I am the importer of one of the said "R" brands that you have been discussing. I won't use the word as I don't want the moderator to think I am advertising as I am not - I am wanting to inform.
You are correct - it is illegal to sell a child seat that is not approved by Standards Australia (SA).

We have been pursuing the approval of our "R" seats for around 3 years now. We have had appointments with Consultant Engineers who have all expressed varying reasons why the seat will not comply ie. latch speed, belts but they have all said one thing and that is the seats are too heavy for SA. All of the "R" seats comply to European Standards which is pretty much a worldwide approval except for AU. Most countries have an alterative law/standard to Europe.

We get atleast 2 enquiries a day regarding the R seats and I have a waiting list of 200 people waiting for any news of the seats. Cost definatley is not an issue when dealing with children.

I wanted to let you know that we have been trying, we want to sell them also. We have 2 gorgeous daughters, a 10 months old and a 5 year old that both sit in R seats. We know the advantages of them and we will not use anything else.

It is just not as easy as testing a seat in a crash test there is so much more that goes along with it. Europe and Australia test their seats differently.

However after discussions with SA, they state that Australia is the world leader in child restraints which is definatley hard to believe as 1) they allow foam boosters to be sold and 2) I have so unhappy parents calling and wanting alternatives in child retraints.

I now advise my customers to contact SA themselves and put in writing their disatifaction and questions tell the Child seat Committee that they are not happy.

There was a draft standard out last year and I emailed our customers with the public comment form and asked them if the were still unhappy with the range of child seats to send the form to SA - I was then told through SA that over 300 replies were received on the draft standard! We are now waiting on either another draft or another standard to be released.

Hope this answers a few questions for you - Lisa.

Hi, i am also looking at the safest option for booster seats and I dont like the foam seats at all. My 4 year old is in a maxi rider BUT i dont know whether to wait until she is a bit older and put into a booster with the harness and give her seat to my 12 month old??? Or buy another one???

Those Recoro ones look great. Can we order from overseas? Do they fit in our cars okay??

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I personally have done a lot of research in this feild trying to find the best one for my son whose 3 n a half. I to dont like the foam ones i dont see how they can possibly be safe, really all there good for is making them taller in the seat thats all. not really any protection that i can see, especially with a normal seatbelt.
Finally i settled on the HIPOD which ive found great my son loves it to. Its soft & comfy, my mum says he looks like his in a recling lounge chair in it. Attaches to an anchor bolt so doesnt fly around like those foam ones. I bought a protecta harness to go in it. It has really good head support (especially important with a kid that likes to sleep in the car) & the head rest lifts up heaps so it can grow with your child. At a guess it should still fit in it til about 10, nice & safe for many years. Plus if you wana use it with just a seat belt it has a special thing to hold it in place so it sits properly on their shoulders & doesnt move. And has armrests & cupholders on both sides.

I bought the Recaro Pro Ride for my son 6 years ago in the States and brought it back here.
We loooooove it!
My younger son is now in it and i bought the Proformance Sport for my older son and we love that too.
They are so comfortable and safe for the children.
My older son is 6.5 but will easily be able to use this car seat for another few years.
If money is not an issue you could purchase the seat off of and then use a forwarding company such as to have the seat sent to and they will forward to you here in australia for a fee of course.
Hope this helped smile
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