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We have decided to try for bub no. 2 next month which will make Maya 25mths when she/he is born. Just wondering if others think I could get away without buying another cot, carseat and double pram. My thinking is I can use Maya's birth-6mth carseat for bub and after this Maya might be ready for a booster, the bub could be in the cradle until about 6mth and then Maya might be ready for big bed and I could carry bub in baby bjorn with Maya in her stroller??? Will this work? What are other experiences, would really like to save the cash if possible...

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Firstly good luck for TTC we have just started trying for our third child!

My two daughters are 17 months apart and the big things extra I bought are:

Single bed for the oldest one
Cradle (second hand)
Toddler seat for pram
Chest of Drawers (for new baby's clothes)

My oldest girl went into a big bed at about 20 months and then my baby went into the cot. She was in the cradle in our room till she was 3 months.
I have a small stroller that I use for quick trips to the shops so I would put baby in the sling and the toddler in the stroller. With food shopping I used to use the sling too.

The toddler seat was and still is very handy for longer trips and for walks to the park. Now that my baby is a bit older she sometimes sits in the toddler seat while the older one walks around.

We are also like to save money where possible and I have managed so far with what I had before plus those few extras I mentioned.

Hope this gives you some ideas!


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Thank you for bringing up this topic! I have the same question, Emily will be 20 months when our second is born, so I am looking at exactly the same stuff and wondering what to do about a bed and when to move her. I have borrowed my sister's baby bjorn carrier, which she absolutely loved, so hopefully I will be able to get away with using that and and pusher. Our pusher is a three wheeler, but probably the only one on the market that cannot take a toddler seat, silly us we didn't think this far ahead when we bought it.
Thank you for all the answers, they are just what I was thinking of doing. Most likely get a new car seat for Emily and the baby can use her seat, although I like to use a capsule, ( I did with Em and it was the best thing I loved it. ) for a while before we fork out for a new car seat. Emily is 10 kgs now so I wouldn't have a clue what would suit her, best just to wait and see.
Still not sure on the bed thing and when to make the move. Any ideas?

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

My first 2 are 25 months apart.

I bough DS a maxirider car seat as it was on special (I find it OK for an older child but not much support while sleeping - would not really recommend it for a younger child - although we are using it for ours now) and put DD in his convertable car seat. I would not bother with a maxirider (or similar) if your DD is 16/17kgs or so when bub is born as a booster seat is so much cheaper!!

DS was in a toddler bed (bought second hand with matress for $100) at 20 months so DD was in the cradle for a month or so then went in the cot.

I am facing a dilema now though as I am pregnant again and will have an 18 month gap this time.

I have moved DS now 17kgs into a booster seat, DD is in the maxirider (only just as she is 15 months but only 9kgs - minimum 8kgs requirement) and bub will go in the convertable restraint.

I have gone out and bought a double pram but thats my only purchase so far.

The new bub will stay in the cradle for 4 months or so and we will go from there. I don't want to push DD into the toddler bed before she is ready (also don't want the associated sleep problems). If it gets to the stage of needing another cot I may try and borrow a friends or get the one from my in-laws (an old metal hospital cot).

Best wishes in your TTC.

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Good Luck with TTC...My daughter has just turned 1 and im so clucky but its so soon.
It coule be hard carrying bub around in sling all the time...Maybe invest in a double pram???
But everything else you could use. they say to put kids into a big bed at around 2 yrs but maybe teach her a little bit b4 that and she will go in easier!

Kez Mum2 Skye(6/2/05) & Jordan (7/5/07)

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