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Toy Boxes Lock Rss

I would like to know if anyone can recomend toy boxes. With Xmas around the corner, my son is getting lots of toys. I would like to store them somewhere - toy box. My sister in law suggested get a toy box - she has seen them around - Thomas the tank. I have not seen any. Are they safe for kids, i do not want my son to get his fingers jamed in the lid.
Any suggestions, recomendations much appreciated.

Caroline Springs

If you go to Kmart or Big W or Bunnings or anywhere like that, they have those big plastic tubs that look a bit like milk crates, but without the holes. I know lots of kids that have those - they're cheap, and kids cant jam fingers in them... and they can be stored in the cupboard, out of site..

go the plastic tubs, my son has 3 one for each month, we rotate toys every month, less mess and he doesn't get bored with all the toys. We have about half a big tub full in each (aprox 12 toys) thats heaps and by the time the first tub is back in the rotation he's forgotten about those toys and its like having new toys every month only much cheeper. the lids click closed and they stack well. Bunnings or the $2 shops are the best place to find them.

i have a stained wooden toy box, with a soft cushioning seat on top, it came with a safety latch so as when it was opened it wouldn't close on little fingers or head, i havent had a problem in 2 years and they hold heaps.
mine came from the local pine shop for about $100

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

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