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Thomas The Tank Engine Lock Rss

Hi, my boy is about to turn one. As Santa has just been he has everything he needs so I thought I'd buy him some Thomas for his first birthday and put it away for when he is a bit older. Any tips or ideas on how or where to buy the cheapest Thomas stuff? Grandma has started with the wooden set so I will have to stick to that.

Do I buy a starter set and build from that? Do I just buy separate pieces gradually? Apparently the Ikea train set is compatible with Thomas - do I start with an Ikea train track and just get the Thomas engines?


My son loves Thomas and goes bananas every time we go shopping and he sees them. He is a bit too young (23mths) to play with the tracks, sets, etc so I just get him the trains which are sold individually. I usually get them at Kmart when they are having 20% off toys (which is often so keep your eyes open). They cost about $7 each and I plan to get the tracks for him when he a bit older. Don't know about the IKEA one being compatible- we have one I'll have to try it out. You can just get him that one in the meantime as it is pretty cheap compared to Thomas ones.
And yes, the Thomas sets are all compatible with each other so you start small and build gradually.
Don't you like the way that all the engines are just so cheeky, I regret getting Aidan the DVDs............teaching him the wrong message!!!!!!!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

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