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Toddler Harness Lock Rss

I'm just looking for opinions on the toddler harness. I think it would be good for Charlotte as she loves running through the shopping centre, but I don't let her do it often as she gets into things and under peoples feet and I am sooo worried about losing her in a crowd. I am just concerned about peoples reactions to them. I know a friend uses one and she avoids going to the shopping centre on Thursdays now because the seniors tell her off and give her dirty looks. I can be somewhat sensitive about things like that, so what is the general consensus on them?
Thanks guys.
I have one for my 30 month old toddler and love it would not hesitate to use it, I get good comments mostly from other mothers oh I should get one of those mostly, If I ever got a bad comment from an senior for eg, I would turn around and poleitly tell them I use it for the childs safetly and my peace of mine once they see this if they are still mean about it I would tell them to mind there own business and still go one my way your friend should still go shopping on thus if she wishes and forget these bad comments and you should definatly buy the harness, make sure its the shoulder type not the wrist one thought as they dont work.

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I recently bought a really good harness for my 2.5 yr old son. I got it at babyco for about $40, and I think the brand is Lindam. It's actually a little backpack with straps over the shoulders and and a pouch that goes across the front. It has a detachable "lead". My son loves wearing it, as he knows he doesn't have to get in the pram. I have only had positive comments so far, because it looks like a backpack most people don't even notice it is actually a harness. I still make sure he holds my hand or at least onto the pram, but it is just a bit of extra security in case he does run off.

As for people making negative comments - I bet they would be the first ones to call you a bad mother if you lost your child. If anyone ever says anything negative to me I'll tell them to mind their own business, my child's safety is more important to me than other people's opinions.

Take care
Yes! I'm going to get one for my son, there are two types you can buy from bumpto3 that look like back packs, one looks like a dog and the other is a monkey. It is their tails that is the harness. You can detach them too and there is a storage part for the tail when not in use! It looks so cute.

I don't care what people say, if my son is safe and not lost due to the harness, then I say it's a great buy.

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