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Toddler book - suggestions ? Lock Rss

When LO was a baby I had the book "What to Expect in the first year". Now that LO is 14 months, I am on the lookout for a toddler book that will give me general information on development, food, behaviour, hints etc. Any suggestions on a good book ?

Also, I have seen a book that is Melbourne for Kids. Has anyone used this book and recommend buying it ?

Hi, I know you can get a follow on book what to expect the toddler years - but I haven't read it. I've read Toddler Taming by Dr Christopher Green - very easy reading with a sense of humour as well - covers general stuff eating, sleeping, tantrums, toilet training etc.


I think Mirriam Stopparts 'Questions Kids Ask' is an excellent book. Its not exactly about development like you wanted, but gives you some great ideas and approaches to answering those tricky questions which all kids ask.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


There is a follow on book to "what to expect in the first year", it is called "what to expect, the toddler years" and covers them from 13 months to 3 years or a bit more than that. I have found it helpful in what to expect and to see if DD is doing what is expected of her. So far, she is and will be 3 years next month.

hope that helps,

I also recommend Toddler Taming, its a great book.
I personally think Robin Barkers 'mighty toddler' is a fantastic reference book to have on hand. I also have Toddler Taming but really prefer The Mighty Toddler

Boms mummy

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