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3 babies and no room Lock Rss

WE have two maxi-riders and another aunger convertable in the back seat of a prado and it is a tight sweeze - we went around with a tape measure when buying a new car and that was what the first question was - the maxi riders are huge but will be able to get a third in JUST! In dec ours will be 4, 2 1/2 and one so we are heading down that road soon. I didn't know that you had to use the h harness from 18 kg - that's our two boys or very close to it. I can't imagine trying to get a seatbelt done up every time we get in the car - it's going to be a nightmare.
Hi, I have 2 yr twins and a 10mo daughter so i have had all 3 in car seats. I have a hyundai tuscon which is a standard sized backseat. We had two compact car seats and a baby capsule until she was 8kgs then bought a infa booster with the H harness for the bigger twin. They all fit easily. You can fit any 3 carseats/booster combo's in most cars as long as you buy the slimline ones. We took a tape measure and measured up everything. Don't buy a new car - you don't need it!

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