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P&T Sport Vs Love n Care Lock Rss

I am having 2nd baby in Jan and my son will be 2 in Jan so will be needing a tandem stroller.
I live in a busy city so have been looking at the Phil and Ted Sport with toddler seat but have now seen the Love N Care Europa that is VERY similar.
So can anyone give me a review on either?? If you have one or the other can you tell me good or bad points? wouldyou buy it again? etc....Dont live in Oz and will be heading back in a few weeks so dont have any time to test them myself.

Thanks for ANY help
Phil & Teds win hands down

The Love'N'Care Europa has only been on the market for a short while (less than a year) but Phil & Teds have been making double inline buggies for years.

I have a P&T Sports and can not recommend it highly enough.

If you have any particular questions feel free to ask and I shall endeavour to help as much as I can wink

My girls are 23mnths apart, and I've only used it in Toddler/Toddler mode since my bubba was 8weeks old. It's a great pram for the shops and fits through a standard shopping aisle in supermarkets. Great for walking (not recommended for Jogging/Running) Parcel tray is a decent size and can fit a lot. You can put a nappy bag over the handle (If you can find one that fits or you can buy the Phil&Teds brand ones) P&T are EXCELLENT with their customer service and if you have any problems with them they are MOST helpful.

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

I have a Phil and Teds Sports that I love....BUT and its a big but.

There is no snack tray for bub. It doesn't sound like much but when we are shopping and i want to give her some sultanas we have to stop....she is only 13 months old and doesn't get the concept of containers yet. I know she will eventually but its a hassle now.

I believe the new Phil and Teds has a snack tray - I wish I had bought that.
im in the same boat..... im due in 8 weeks with bub#2 and my son is 20months old - have been looking into phil and teds - and whilst expensive i think we will get it - seems to be the best out of the lot and ive heard heaps of great reviews

I was interested in getting one of these prams (Phil and Ted) but my friend who has one talked me out of it. Her older child hated being behind and refused to get in. She was only 2.5 at the time. They look great though and maybe your son won't mind sitting in the back. Just letting you know that not EVERYONE loves it.

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Mickeybelle- I was in Baby Bunting (vic) the other day and saw a snack tray for the p & t sports, in there own brand. I think it was about $25. Otherwise google it and see what you can find..


Hi guys,

You can get a snack tray but only for the Vibe, it's a bit weird though. But I have a Vibe which is basically the same as the sport apart from breaks placement and ability to fold with double kit on. I highly recommend it, the only problems I have is the ease of putting the main seat down, have to lengthen/shorten a strap and zips as oppose to my old pram where I just pull a lever. I agree that not all kids like being in the back, but normally your child would be younger than 2.5 and would probably get use to being the back rider. I love how the double kit on the vibe can attach behind or in front, when it's in front it's high enough that you don't need to use a feeding chair and your newborn can stay asleep in the main seat put down. But check it out anyway.
[Edited on 23/02/2009]

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