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soft cloth nappies??? Lock Rss

Just wpondering what you are all using to keep your cloth nappies soft and fluffy for bubs? I have tried fabric softener but find it builds up a barrier on the nappy after a few washes and doesn't absorb wetness. I have been told to use white vinegar as a fabric softener but it seems to be taking a long time for the nappies to get soft? does anyone have any ideas?
LMAO chubbs - you are at the h u ggies website remeber smile 95% of us wouldn't never have touched a cloth nappy - except as a spew rag smile


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If you have a dryer you can soften the nappies by finishing them off in the dryer. What you do is leave them on the line till damp and then pop in the dryer till completely dry and they are nice and soft. Not sure why but it works for me!


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Thanks everyone for your replies, I'll give a few suggestions a go and see what happens. Much appreciated!
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