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Anyone got any tips on where to buy affordable baby shoes? Brands? Stores? My son is 15 months and is just starting to walk so these would be his first shoes. Found a great pair of sandals on sale at DJs, Clarks, perfect in size 4, but they were reduced from $79 to [drumroll please] $59. My God, I nearly died. Yours in desperation . . .
I get really cute cheap shoes at Target. They have a great range too. Its madness to pay such money for them when their little feet grow so quickly. My mum and dad bought a really great pair of sneakers for her a pumkin patch and they wear half price. The have a zipper down the side as well as laces so they are really easy to put on.
:0) happy shoe shopping!
My son is 14 months and hes in 2nd pair of shoes i get them from kmart for $14 he loves them they are little sandals.

His other shoes lasted him a month.
I buy most of Zachs shoes from Betts Childrens shoes. He has sunken arches and wide feet and I find that they have really good sturdy shoes that support his growing feet (am trying to avoid the problems his older step sister has with her feet - she regularly sees a podiatrist). They fit them for you too, which I think is really important at this stage and the differing US, UK sizing etc can be confusing. Betts are a bit on the expensive side like Clarks, but I've found that when they have sales on you can pick up some really good quality shoes at decent prices ($35). Target has some good sturdy shoes too and they are cheaper but their sizing is a nightmare and a size 9 (yes my boy is only just turning 3 and he is a size 9 already!) in one style of shoe is not necessarily the same in a different style. What I do is I only buy two pairs of shoes in a size for Zach at a time (one good pair for going out and a cheaper pair for kindy). This works for me as it keeps costs down. Those are my two picks for toddlers shoes anyway, heres a link for Betts if you wanted to have a look at their range
You can buy online and they are a sizing guide and free returns and exchanges policy, Cheers!

3year old wonderful little helper

not that m dd is in shoes yet (not that it stopped me buying any for later lol) i have seen got cheap ones at big w payless shoes and best and lest they are cheap


DD's are 15 months so they have normally worn soft shoes as they have only just started walking, but i've brought a few hard soled shoes from target, best and less, and kmart.
Big W is great for shoes. Very affordable and good quality.

I also buy them at St Vinnies/Salvos. There are always good brand name shoes there for $1.

Ebay is also good for brand name shoes. I just got 5 pairs of the size plus sizes up for $7.50. Grosby and Clarkes etc.
wow, thanks everyone, you're amazing. I really value your advice and will chase up all these options. thankyou again!
big w, best & less and kmart have a nice range and cheap to
hi i got most of my DD shoes from best n less and they all lasted till she out grow them (i have like 20 pairs of tiny lil shoes that i bought from 6 months).....

ALSO, 1 thing i was told is like any 1 shoes make sure that the toes of the shoes ar soft and flexible becaue if they are still n hard they will not bend with your childs shoes causing pain...


Well my DD is 18mths and already has an obsession with shoes!! LOL.. every time we go out and go past shoes she points to her feet and wants to try them on!! LOL...

I get most of hers from Target and Big W.. great range and very affordable.. Payless are good sometimes too... try not to get any that are too heavy either.. just makes it harder for them to walk in them!..

My DD now has probably about 10-15 pairs, some of which she has grown out of, of course.. but thats still alot of shoes.. but she did start walking at 10mths so I did start buying them early!!
My girl are obsessed with shoes too, they can even match their shoes if i get one out they will go find the other. LOL. they are 17 months. And they have heaps.
I still tend to buy the 1st walker ones because they still have a sole on them but they are a lot softer and more flexible than the normal shoes. I tried a pair of normal sneakers on my little girls foot and it was nearly impossible to get on and looked so uncomfy and stiff..

I get mine from Target, i like them to have 1 pair of crocs each (to wear to park etc) one pair of nice sandals to wear with dresses and a pair of closed shoes for winter. And have also recently brought them a pair of slippers each as well.
They also have a few other ones that i just couldn't resist. LOL.
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