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Booster Seat Rss

Hi All.

Just wondering what I should look for when buying a booster seat?? My daughter is 2.5yrs old and weighs nearly 16kgs. When do you convert them from their car seat to a booster??
hi belinda
my daughter 2.5 also n just comin up 2 the weigh recommonded 14kg n i hav just converted over only due 2 the fact she was always askin 2 sit in the big seat n i had 2 always say no but now she can they r safe if u use them the rite way she really loves ridin in the car now also if n when u do make sure u teach her straight from the start not 2 undo her seat belt i didnt have that prob luckly hope i have helped

amber-chloe 2.5
We got a Mixi Rider from Safe and Sound. It is like a booster that bolts into your car. We love it. It has the harness for now, and the attachment for the lap-sash seat belt too. Its weight range is 8-26 kg, so we will use it for a while yet. We have a younger child who is 15 months and we will prob get one for him too I like them that much. The only prob is that they are more expensive than booster seats, but I think worth them money.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

At 16kg you certainly don't have to worry about meeting the right weight for the booster seat (they start at 14kg).

Safe-n-sound have the maxi rider which is deffinately one of the roll-roys of booster but you can also get cheaper versions of them (they don't bolt into the car but you can buy a harness that fits with the seat belt and bolts to the ankor point).

There are a few versions around (safe-n-sound make one).

The only downside to booster seats is they sit upright which can be a pain for sleeping in the car.
The more expensive delux ones do recline (I think with some models though it means they aren't bolted in properly to allow for the recline - I got this from another post).

If you are interested in just the plain booster seats, you'll need to bare in mind that not all of them have the little attachment the holds the seat belt on the shoulder properly 9this is important for safety).

Good luck
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