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Toys for danicing Bub's Lock Rss

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what toys to get a bub who loves her dancing and music? Every time a song comes on with a beat, DD (10mths) dances with her hands in the air, "singing" away!
I am looking at the F/Price Dance Baby Dance Bouncin' Bongo, or the F/P Buildin Band. I have heard Sesame Street make a bongo too.
If anyone has any of these toys, pls let me know if your bub likes and uses them. Or if there are any other suggestions...
Thanks smile
My child went through a dancing stage, where he would dance to any type of music being played, luckily for me he did this just as I was looking for Christmas gift ideas. I took him shopping to see what kind of toys he would like and all of a sudden he started to dance. We bougt the toy which is a musical pots and pans set, it plays great music and also has the ABC on it so he dances and learns all in one. MY advice to you, take baby shopping and see what her eyes tell you. WE had fun doing it that way.


Nicole,QLD, 1 year boy, 4 year old girl

my little boy loves to dance. I found any toy that plays more than 10 songs that isnt going to drive me insane is GOOD! he got this little clown drum given to him when he was born (not the right age then but perfect now) and it has a drum on top and it plays different types of music. The nose when pressed plays at least 20 different songs, they tounge goes from side to side and makes noises the lights on the drum flash every time it makes a noise. there is a bow-tie that can be pulled that wiggles its way back in, and the ears spin so that the hands wave.

I dont know the brand, but i have seen it in big w & kmart it was $20 very inexpencive for a cheap very versitile toy! excellent value for money. goodluck... -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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