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Help - Prima Pappa Highchair... Lock Rss

Hello. I have bought a 2nd hand prima pappa highchair and have finally got the shoulder straps from the girl I bought it from but I can't figure out how they work?? I assume the little flat bits with the hole it go over the little hooks at the back but how do the other ends attach to the belt bit? They have little D shaped bits at the end. Perhaps I am missing something?? I dunno. Can anyone help me?
HI Toni...
what you need to do is attach the waist strap to the seat.
Then with those shoulder straps you are describing you simply thread them through the slot at the back of the seat that meatches your child's height.
The flat ends do clip onto the hooks at the back.
Now with the little d shape bits - if you assemble the straps to look they are in position you can slide the d shape thingie over one of the buckles with the 3 prongs. They sit as close to the actual straps of the waist strap but still in the plastic of the clip.

Ahhh it is sooo hard to explain! LOL
If you want me to send some pics of mine then let me know. I can email them to you smile good luck

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