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My daughter (almost 5) has a booster seat with no back and we've been using it for about 6mths and the other day i was looking at it and in the fine print on the boottom of the seat it states that this seat should not be used in the outboard position. Did anybody else know this? as I think they are really unclear on this on the box when you first buy them. So does this mean you can only use them in the middle seat? which is not good cos my car only has a lap only belt in the middle so therefore i would have to buy a harness! If this is true they should state this on the box so it clear to everyone!

Kristy,Qld- Emma (4) & Harrison (2)

You mean booster cushion. In my view there pretty useless and not safe. There only meant for older children to lift them higher off the seat to see out the window. There is no support or protection for a small child on an impact and your child could be injured, (many children have also died from not being properly protected in the wrong seat or no seat) especially when used with just an adult seat belt. Adult seat belts are meant for just that-adults.
Of course its entirely your choice as its your child but I think you should buy a better booster and a safety harness to go with it. There are also new laws come out regarding the guidelines of child car safety which you want to check out to. You can be fined/loss of licence for having your child in the wrong one and not properly restrained.
Thanks for your feedback, I happen to agree with you now i've used one that they are not as safe and have now bought her a better booster. But by saying that it is legal to use these seats for children from 14-26 kg and in regard to the new laws which are still only in review, over 4years to 7 years a booster seat of any kind is legal(this information is from Qld transport) as i'm in queensland. Just wanted to add this in for any other mums who weren't aware.

Kristy,Qld- Emma (4) & Harrison (2)

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