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Mums of messy toddlers / rechargeable vacs. Lock Rss

Are there toddlers that aren't messy?

I got some money for a birthday present to buy one of those rechargeable vacuums.

Does anyone have one that they could recommend?
Are the Wet/Dry ones the better to go for?

I've seen the Breville / Kambrook ones that seem like they would be pretty good.

Any comments would be appreciated

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

i have one but it isnt a wet dry one . it was a freebie when bought a vacuum cleaner. i cannot find it at the moment dh or ds have put it some where else! its only good for fluff not messon the floor under the high chair as the crumbs seem to be too heavy it does not have enough suction.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, I'm one of the rare ones that does have a very neat little girl, she even wipes her own mouth with the spoon and gets upset if she spills any (but as if you wanted to hear that huh) Anyway, if they still sit in a highchair, have you thought of getting a big sheet of plastic to put under it, or one of those plastic table cloths, as you can then simply pick it up and shake it off outside.


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hi Kristina,
For the nearly 3 years Isaacs been in our lives, my house has never looked the same. For the first year it was good because i'd borrow mums dyson that sucked anything out of the carpet. Now I just use my little LG vacuum. It does the job but it's tiring getting it out, putting it away, etc. I've asked my parents to buy me a dust buster for xmas. Mum was going to buy the Kambrook rechargeable instead. Hopefully it will do the trick when Isaac decides to tip the last of his chips on the floor and stomp on them 'cause it sounds good. Hope you find one that suits your messy little toddler too, Cheers Em xxx

Emma, 2 boys 1 on the way and still smiling

well after 3 months of crushed biscuits thoughout our new house (that has carpet thoughout) and getting sick of pulling out the big vaC ONCE A day i just brought myself a little wet dry vac from wollies(one of the cheapest i think) now it works to pick up the crumbs, and sultanas every where, and kitty litter around the litter tray! lol, its not very powerfull but it does the job between big vacs. oh and great for christmas time when both baby and cat are ripping the tinsel apart!!! lol

however in the next couple of weeks my lovely dd will have to learn how to eat her snacks on the floor and not my new couch!! so i will be setting up a mat in the lounge to eat on rather than my couch!

so i might have a little less mess to clean up!!

Sarah,QLD, dd- 8-8-03 and ds 15-12-05


I have been shopping for a dust buster for a couple of months and have been to many stores. I found that K Mart had the best range and for an affordable price. Just remember when buying one you need to buy one that's powerful enough, so you need to look at the wattage (anything over 7 watts). I have one but it's not cordless and it's just a difficult to bring out as the vaccum cleaner - I don't suggest you get one of those - make sure it's cordless.

Mum to toddler

Hi there, I have a Vax rechargable, its great. Its the one that you can have as a hand held or leave it in the cradle and use it as mini vac, its the cream and orange one. I love it, I use it just about everyday to zip around the table, highchair, kitchen and where ever else my little bubble has dropped crumbs. Its not a wet/dry one but if she has made a real mess in her highchair I usually wait a little while till it all drys and then its much easier to clean up with the vac. I dont know how I lived without it before. Hope this helps.

2girls plus one

Hi I have a Black 'n' Decker Wet and dry dust buster and it lives on the top of the fridge. I LOVE IT. It would have to be the best appliance I have a 2 yr old

western australia

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