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What do you store toys in? Lock Rss

Just looking for something to store toys in for the girls room, They will share so space will be tight,

Also i am thinking of setting up a little area for them to have a table and chairs to draw at, what would you store they paper and pensils in??


I store all mine on the floor. Its just easier that way.
For the paper and pencils, i would just store the pencils in tins. You could get the girls to decorate so a little project for them to. You can get huge rolls of paper that attach to the wall from ikea. Just screw it in and continuous paper but stored nicely.

As for the toys there are so many options. You could use tubs or different pieces of furniture. We use tubs and have a few in at a time, then rotate them. It's like christmas all over again smile
LOL Strawbs, I dont think the kids toys would fit in a TW container!! LOL

But you did just remind me i have something for the pencils and paper!! I have a storz alot large here! Thanks! Just means i have to take my stuff out of it!! LOL
S1's colouring pencils, crayons etc are in a Huggies wipes container. His colouring books and some textas are in one of those insulated TW lunch bag things (the Ice Age one LOL!).

We have a whole wardrobe for toys plus lots of boxes etc. We have a lot of crap...

My sister had her kids toys in storage crates that fit nicely on bookshelves which looked neat and tidy.
SRC, i am on Ikeas website now! LOL The FM is going there tonight to pick me up a wardrobe!! But i cant attatch things to the wall as i am renting.
Thanks though.

I dont really know what kind of thing to get, I would love a nice tub or something like that, thats neat enough to leave out for them.
LOL i meant the pencils- i just have a small plastic tub with all the craft stuff in it. I have paintbrushes in the .... things i got in the mystery pack.... the umm tumbler things with animals on them and a lid? I think they were from kids week...yep those. LOL

Paper- we have a roll of the ikea paper. Lasts forever. Toys are in storage tubs.

I also have a rectange MM for you too. I'll swap you for my sandwhich boxes smile at your sex toy/ tupperware/ pony ride housewarming party
I am going to get these for the kids toys.
Ikea toy storage untis and basket.... gotta love baskets!! LOL
pencils etc, a pencil case. with the paper and colouring in books in a cupboard.

LMAO i get what you mean. Wild things tumblers!

Ohh i forgot about my MMs! I have your sandwhich keepers here for you!!! Michelle is having a party on Tuesday..come alomg we can do a swap!
PM me the details. I have a really busy week but might be able to fit it in LOL
Link didnt work love! I have the catalogue here. Is it in there?
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