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What do you store toys in? Lock Rss

If space is tight then some underbed storage containers would help keep some stuff out of the way. Other than that I just use the rectangle storage tubs.

Cheers Ness

i have big coloured baskets that slide under the bed and on the bookshelf. they are pretty and easy for DD to get into as well as pack her stuff away.

here's a pic their is a hot pink one two

[Edited on 19/11/2009]

Thanks everyone!! Moo, i love little missy's room!! beautiful!

Anyway, i bit the bullet and got Fm to pick me up some things from Ikea this afternoon!! YAY!! My first taste of ikea!!
Posted by: LolliBel
Thanks everyone!! Moo, i love little missy's room!! beautiful!

thanks that was her room nearly two years ago, all big girl stuff in there now sad

One of mine has a big cube bookcase for books, big toys and smaller things in plastic tubs that fit into the cubes. The other two have trofast storage from ikea.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Target and junk shops have mini otto bins you can buy to store toys in, they come in nice colours and would fit in a built in robe nicely.
I have a toybox and 2 storage containers... the storage containers are pink smile and when she grows up and doesnt have toys she can use the storage containers for something else if they arent destroyed
i have a few plastic/rubber tubs from Big W, they are flexible and have handles..i think that they are about 45L (big enough). they are only about $10 and i think they are great, lots of colours. we have a couple more in the house that we use as drinks tubs at parties and stuff.. Enjoy your Ikea items! smile
IKEA!! I love that place!

We bought the Expandia (I think its called that!) wall unit. Ours has 16 cubes (4x4) and then bought the boxes that go in them. It was pricey about $400 all up, but well worth it.

I also took a photo of what goes into each box, so they can see what box they want. My rule is only one box out at a time! Not much mess anymore! i.e. music in one box, Dora stuff in another, dolls in one etc. It looks great.

If you want a pic pm me and I'll send it through.

Oh and for pencils etc.....chinese takeway containers, 1kg yoghurt containers etc. KMart used to have a little white table with 2 chairs and under the table was three storage tubs.

Good Luck, Kat
Sorry if I repeat any ideas, I have had a sick girl for the past two nights and didn't feel up to reading everyones posts.

I'd put the pencils in pencils cases because even if they get knocked off the table they won't spill everywhere. You can make your own out of material that the girls have choosen or let the girls choose one at the shops. As for the paper, I bought my kids a very cheap ream of paper and just got a old disposal nappies box, cut the sides down some and covered it in contact, I even keep their colouring books in it. Also when they had finished drawing I pop the used paper back in the box and next time they want to draw I give them back there drawings but turn the paper over.

Now for their toys. I just picked up some 55 litre (I think that's about the right number) storage containers with lids at either Big W or K-mart which ever had the cheapest at the time. I also drilled holes in the bottom just incase the kids got stuck in one and couldn't get out but they could still breath. I found they hald quiet a few toys regardless of shape or size and because they are see through the kids could find the toys they were looking for more easily

Hope this has helped and I didn't repeat to many of the other ladies ideas.

We store toys in my blanket box and it doubles as a coffee table, Crayons,pencils etc in a pencil case and paper in a box in the cupboard.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

HI gasp)

I found for my boys toys that the minature wheelie bins you can buy from golo have been great. The boys find them a bit of a novelty to put their toys into and they are slim and have wheels on the bottom. The other thing that I like about them is that the lid is attached so always gets closed, where as with the storage containers the lids never seem to make it back onto the container.

With the paper/pencils I have them in one of those storage containers, but I am looking for a better option too as it is a disaster inside that box lol!

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