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What do you store toys in? Lock Rss

I use 2nd hand picnic baskets to store fiddly stuff like duplo/cars etc

Art stuff is in a wooden chest, pencils/crayons etc are in one of those old wooden tea boxes where the lid slides off. It was $2 from op shop. I just try and find old things to reuse for storage - plus I can't stand plastic!
we have 8 boxes under each bed for toys eg one has all the cars, another has train tracks etc.The kids also have upright storage boxes like drawers made of plastic.The boxes are where they toys are supposed to go but mostly are on the floor atm

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I have the expedit shelf from Ikea with the Drona boxes, I use boxes in bottom of shelf and leave them as shelves on the top row for displaying toys, looks great and boxes hold heaps! It is so tidy.
Toys are stored in Huggies bulk nappy boxes (No need to decorate already preprinted with Pooh)
Smaller items are stored in Limited edition Red Pooh Baby wipe boxes.

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