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Finger painting Lock Rss

Am I asking for trouble if I offer my 14 mth old some (homemade) fingerpaint?
He is a shocker with eating everything as it is, will I be adding it to the list of things he has eaten?
Any hints or stories would be appreicated

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

hi dais_y81,

is there any harm in him eating it?

just keep reminding him that its paint and not to eat it (it can't hurt him)

let us know how it goes!

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

how is it made?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Home made finger paint:

i use corn flour and water (boiled) heat it up slightly, as this helps to thicken it, then add a few drops of food colouring, or vegetable juice such as beetroot, or carrot.

Hope this helps.


Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

i dont see why this would be a problem if eaten

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Thanks for the recipe- i'll be using that one once bubs is old enough. Didn't even know you could make such a natural concoction which can be use as paint. Thanks psychick. Are there specific measurements or is it just trial and error? True too, those ingredients would not harm bubs especially if it's just a little bit.



hi super,

i work in a ccc and we make it using a small amount of cornflour (say 2 - 3 teaspoons) mixed with the tiniest bit of water (just enough to mix the cornflour well) then add just boiled water (needs to be very hot) whilst continuously stirring. the mixture should thicken as ur adding and stirring (Stop when its the right consistency)

u can either add colour for paint, or leave it and use it as a glue

i am sure that after u have made it a few times, u will get the measurements right smile

have fun!

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

Thanks heaps Jubs, i'll be making that one day. For now, i'm waiting for that roll over he's meant to be doing soon.



Sorry for the late reply,
no problems at all. It's all pretty good fun once they start getting into things like that my son has just done his first finger painting. It's now beautifully and proudly displayed on the wall.
Trial and error is the key. For the colour intensity you just keep adding the juice until the desired colour is achived. Spinach is a good one for green. but works really well if you have a blender.


Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04


i actually have a recipe somewhere for edible finger paint that involves raspberries and blueberries, etc., but i can't seem to find it right now. i did just do a search for "edible finger paint", though and found a really cool site called "kinderart". it has two recipes there and the link is:
i hope this helps. one is made from whipped cream! YUM! tongue

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

hi! me again!

i just found the recipe that i had tucked away...

edible paint...

strainer, lemon juice, tspn tartaric acid, fruit same colour as paint desired. simmer 5 mins, cool in fridge, put in recycled roll-on deodorant bottles.

there are also some cool recipes on the abc kids website. (goop, playdough, slime, bubble mix, etc).

have fun!!! tongue

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

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