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Can you recommend a stroller for a 1 year old & onwards Lock Rss

I would like to buy a stroller since they are so light & compact [more room in the car for the groceries]!! lol

Can anyone recommend what one to get & what I should be looking for? Or why you love or hate the one you have!!

DD is turning 1 yr old this month so I would like to use it for 1-2 years if possible.

Many thanks

Kerry, WA

I swear by strollers that can lay back, doesn't have to be all the way just a little is okay. I purchased one that didn't layback at all and ended up buying another that layed back - nothing worse when bub fell asleep and they were either slumped forward or you had to walk along with stroller on its back wheels to stop head slumping forward. I paid about $100 dollars for a steelcraft one from a baby shop only because kmart / target didn't have one i liked. Hope this helps
Hi, I totally agree with mum of three, get one that lays back, the one I have has two lay back positions which comes in very handy. Also what I found helpful was the little basket at the bottome of the stroller, excellent for shopping. It was a steelcraft brand from a baby store(can't remember which one).

Mum to Bub

I have only just purchased a nice red stroller that has three different layback levels as I wasn't a fan of the cheaper stroller that stays in one position.
It was around the $100 dollar mark from Big W. A steelcraft brand called the holiday stroller suitable from birth to 4 yr olds. Well worth it's money.

Renee,NSW. Olivia 17/8/2005

Hi Kerry!
Go a PHIL & TEDS all the way!
But if you want something really easy, I use the "Safety 1st Compact Stroller" when I go overseaS. It fold up into a backpack. So easy and compact! I got it from Target for $100

Mum to Eva 23/5/05 and EDD with #2 - 23/3/05

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