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twin / tandem pram vs stroller with skate board Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone can give advice on which is better. We currently have a Maclaren ryder stroller which is suitable for a newborn, which I love. The dilemma is now that number two will be here in August and my son will have just turned 2yrs is what to do about transport.

My son loves to walk a lot and will usually get out and walk holding my hand every time we go out. Because of this I am not keen to fork out up to $800 on a new pram when I am not sure it will get much use. Also am worried my son would kick if he was in Phil & Teds style pram as when we put the rain cover on stroller he kicked it screaming until we took it off.

So what age can you use a toddler board from? (my son is slightly above average in height and weight.)

What are peoples experiences and which board would you recommend?

And would you do this with a newborn. (We also have a baby carrier as another option if my son needed to sit in stroller).
I had a pram with a toddler board for my 3 year old, but then he rarely sat in the pram by then anyway. I will say that i think 2 is quite young, and if he is tired he is likely to want to be in the pram. Even my DS, who was older, seemed to want to be in the pram more when bubs came along! I think they feel a bit jealous.

I also found that the toddler board, while great for short trips, was hopeless if i wanted to do a decent walk as it is hard to walk with for the adult pushing the pram. To be honest, while i loved the board, i would probably get a tandem pram if i had another bub, especially if my oldest was only 2. I will be interested to hear what other say.

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