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Pram reccommendations Lock Rss

I know!! Don't ask much do I? grin

Looking for a pram to be kept at Nanna's house. Have one there at the moment which has been fantastic (Mothers Choice Lunar shopping buggy, I think its called) but bub can no longer sit in it comfortably in the upright position. We have to have it laying down with her sitting up, if that makes sense. She is quite tall for her age (about 84cm and 14mths) only about 11kg at the most tho.

It needs to be not too heavy as I have a bad back and have to be able to lift it into their boot. Would prefer one with a food tray on the front. AND we're on a budget. :/

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Please, please, please...

Jess x


Hi Jess, I have a 14 month old boy, 86cm, 12kg. I use my TARGET stroller (currently on special for $79.)more than i use my $900 valco 3 wheeler. it is the best stroller, light weight and would be suitable for your needs. it is red and grey with a little hood. I have even taken it on plane trips ect.

hope it helps

Regards SJ.
Hi Jess,
I can't really recommend a good lightweight one (my current one is quite big because it has to accommodate DD 17 mnths and DS 8 weeks) but what I can offer is to check out ebay or even your local paper. There always seems to be some real bargains on there and ones that are still in excellent condition. Happy bargain hunting! smile


We have a maclaren quest stroller, very light weight easy to fold but not with the tray. We are probably selling it on ebay in a few months time but for the moment have a look on ebay and gumtree you might find what your looking for.

Hope this helps wink

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