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3 car seats in Subaru Liberty or Forester? Lock Rss

Thanks for all the responses!

Just updating... took the Liberty to a baby shop on the weekend without any car seats in the back to have it fitted. Great news - we can safely fit the Maxirider for the 2 y.o., an Infa Vario Max for the 4 y.o. and either the Safe'n'Sound Unity capsule, Steelcraft Strider Plus capsule or Safe'n'Sound Compaq convertible seat for the baby.

Will be a little difficult with the 4 y.o. doing the belt up but I have small hands so will manage!

Very relieved - don't have to buy a new car now.

Christobelle - the store said they have fitted a Forester with similar seats but couldn't remember which ones. So you might not have to get a new car either!

Thats great you have found 3 that will fit!!! I just posted something similar before I read your post asking the same thing. We have a mazda 6 wagon and have had the same trouble. I might try these seats out hopefully it works for us too!! We already have a Safe n sound unity capsule so ive just got to change the other two seats. Ive been stressing over this for weeks now lol.
I posted earlier about googling the topic and people saying they could fit the maxi rider, Compaq and the Hi-Liner in an outback. Just to let everyone know we tried it down at Babt Bunting and was impossible with the maxi-rider. It is however possible to fit 1x Hi-Liner for 4y/o, 2x SNS Compaq to cater for 2y/o and newborn. We will use the Compaq for the 2y/o for only 2yrs and then replace it with another Hi-Liner. This was the only solution we could find to fit & as it is it will be a struggle doing up the seat belt for the Hi-Liner, even more so with the "Protecta Harness" as it leaves no "slack" in the belt to manouver it around to an easier position to do up... but it is workable. I had previously been told by the car seat fitting guy from "Baby on Board" who fits seats for Baby Bunting that the Ford Territory were the easiest space wise to fit 3 seats in, but that was 2 years ago now so anything newer on the market may be better or equivelent for people looking to buy a new car.
Ohh thats something I hadn't thought about. We have a forrester and are hoping for 3 children and reasonable close together. I didn't really think about having to fit 3 seats across. At the mo we only have a dd but will definatly keep in mind when purchasing any car capsules/seat/boosters in future about what will and what wont fit if incase we ever want to put 3 across.
Some of these results are surprising (I'm not doubting anybody!)

Even in our RENAULT Laguna (which is a hatchback) we can fit two Safe n Sound AHR Platinums and a Safe n Sound Maxi rider AHR.

I thought it would be much narrower than most of the cars mentioned!

This is a website address from another post from this forum, I bookmarked it and I now can't find the original post.

Don't know how to make it a link (sorry guys).

Hope this helps.
We're 8 in Family including my younger sister..
A 9 months old baby, and we're having a hard time carrying her all the time.
so we decided to buy A Car seat for her.

it's funny how we saw this Infant Car Seats at
it's really cute. smile your Baby will Love it. smile
I have a Subaru forester X 2011 model. It fits 3 car seats in the back fine. I have a 2.5yr old a 1.5yr old & about to have # 3 in 2mths. That requires 2 fwd facing car seats & one rear. It definitely works I got 3 set up already. Tight sure but definitely do-able. I have an infa-secure convertible booster seat model CS55 (6mths-4yrs then 4yrs-6/8yrs) another convertible booster seat mothers choice from target (6mths to 4yrs then 4yrs-6/8yrs) and the third seat a mothers choice baby car seat from target too. All fit fine. 2 convertible boosters together & baby one on the end. Perfect. If you had booster seats you prob will have a better fit especially if they are more slimline. I was checking these sites to see if we could do it but in the end we just bought the seats & installed them fine.
Whilst looking for which car seats would fit a Subaru Liberty, we stumbled upon this forum. I thought it would help if we posted our success story.
For three young children (6, 4 and 1) we have successfully fitted three car seats in the back.
2 x Safety First - Custodian Plus model. This is a convertible booster seat and is good up until 8 years.
1 x Maxi Cosi - Complete Air model. This is a really narrow car seat and good till 4 years.

Just thought I'd share for all the other people cramming three kids in the back wink
Subaru are well known for being a narrow car and wide wings on the seats, making it difficult to get 3 carseats across the back, however there are more slimline seats out there now so check these out
I have a Subara WRX sedan and was wondering if anyone knows the best capsule to fit?
These cars dont have much room between the front and the back seats!
Ive had a SnS Maxi Rider in my car and found it was quite close to the seat in front also. I really dont want to have to change cars!

Got 3 seats in the back of a 2010 forester. DS is almost 5 but only 16kg so we must keep him in full harness. The sns easy adjust convertible booster is in the middle with a sns compaq and sns haven (think that's the same as a compaq) for 2.5 and 1 yr old. We did have a polo hire capsule before the conv booster with the 2 compaq's/haven.
Aron at baby on board (baby bunting fitter) spent many an email advising me while we were researching new cars, but so lucky to have found 3 seat combo that works!
They are squashy, but all using 5 point harness so easy to belt them in.
Hmm now for the hilux sr5 that DH just randomly bought with no thought for car seat combos!
Yes, I can fit 3 seats into my 2004 Forester X for a 2, 6 and 7 yr old.
Had to find the right combination though: 1 Safe-N-Sound reversible, 1 Maxirider and 1 Hi-Liner.
I did find I needed a seat belt extender for the Hi-Liner, otherwise it was impossible to reach the seat belt buckle to clip in. Got my extender from Seat Belt King on ebay for about $70.
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