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Ive read that it is a good time to introduce my 12 mth old to art/coloring etc. My all he wants to do is eat the crayons and wont try using them at all.advice on how to get him started appreciated
My 16month old is still eating the crayons! However she is starting to get interested in actually drawing with them. We used to get out the crayons and have a piece of paper, and I would hold them in her hand and draw and show her the mark the crayon made. More often than not though, we ended up just playing games with the crayons, putting them back in their box and then tossing them all over the floor again, and then picking them up, and then tossing them....etc.etc! LOL.....such a fun game!
Probably if you really want him to get the idea, just keep on bringing them out, and keep on insisting that he draw with them, rather than eat them, and just make sure that the crayons are non toxic. We also tried textas that were non toxic and washable, because you hardly have to press on the paper for them to make a mark, and crayons require quite a lot of fine motor skills to get them going! Textas worked ok, but she still would rather eat them, or play around putting the lid on and off, then do any decent drawing. I don't think the mess that textas make, or the ink that she ends up eating is quite worth the bother. It won't be long till he's interested. My 2&5month old neice loves to draw!
Hope this helps, sorry it got a bit long winded!

Although i introduced pencils, crayons and textas at an early age, my daughter is only enjoying and appreciating them now, and she is 3. She will sit at her table for half an hour or so now colouring in.

One idea that worked for us, was to save them for special times when you need them to be still. We used them on the occasional night out to dinner, when they were in a high chair. They had two parents two help and watch, and a quite child!

Best of luck mummies,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


Why not try those chunky pencils made for little ones. My daughter has only ever had pencils (as I find they're much easier to clean off walls, tables etc lol - and she can't eat them), and she still loves playing with them everyday. I have a drawer in the lounge room which has all her pencils and different papers in there. She probably started using them when she was about 18mths and is almost 2 now, and constantly making pretty little pictures for mum to put on the fridge - keeps her amused for hours.

Hope this helps,

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hey JaidasMum24....great idea, but my little sweetie even knows how to sink her teeth into the lead and bite it off!!!
Sigh! surely one day she will decide that pencils,crayons, textas, and dog food are NOT little kid's lunch ingredients! yuk!
But if you're kids aren't as notorious at eating things like mine is, those chunky pencils are great. My daughter took a little while to work out which end you drew with, but that was ok....guess I could've sharpened both ends!
Taneesha doesnt have crayons i have pencils for her instead, she never used to put them in her mouth untill i baby sat a friends son who is 4 mths younger than Taneesha and he put them in his mouth so she started to aswell. she doesnt do it much any more, but personally i prefer her to have pencils than crayons

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

hi, i know what you mean about them eating crayons, my son used to as well but he is pretty much over it now, he uses pencils, crayons, textas, paints the works. i dont think their is really any ways to stop toddlers eating them so just make sure you only buy no toxic washable art supplys oh and some really good cleaning products lol. good luck with your little artist!
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