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Edinburgh Deluxe Booster Seat from Baby Factory Lock Rss

I recently brought a booster seat from the baby factory for my now 2 and a half year old, ive had it afew months and 2 weeks ago he figured out how to un clip himself out of the carseat my main concern was how easy it is to do its harder to clip in than what it is to un clip, all he does is push down with his 2 thumbs and its open easy as that, ive spoken to somebody at the baby factory as I dont feel very comfortable using it anymore as my little guy has done it while im driving and as much as I tell him not to he still does!!! The lady at the baby factory said theres nothing they can do because its not faulty and passed the safety check etc and they cant take it back because its used, im unsure on what I can do now because I feel its unsafe to use, anybody here have any ideas on how I can get a replacement or my money back as im sure carseats/booster seats are made for safety and clearly this is not safe!!!

Hi, I know that you posted this quite a long time ago, I hope that you were able to return it or that you were able to get something else that you could use without putting you out of pocket too much. If not, just to let you know, there was a voluntary recall on this item for a specific manufacturing period, they had trouble with the buckles, so maybe you can still get some money back from the baby factory due to not being listened to etc.
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