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Toys for train Lock Rss

My daughter & I are going on a 2hour train trip each way.
She's 2yrs old, fussy, easily frustrated, too energetic & highly intrigued by everything.
I need as many ideas as i can to keep her occupied throughout the total 4hour train trip.

Sam, NSW, Mum to Alexandra (14/5/04)

Hi samchic
Not sure if I will be any good to you but my thoughts would be toys that don't have multiparts that will get lost or have to chase around the train. A magnadoodle could be a good one you can get big and mini ones and you can use it to draw pictures of all sorts. I'll keep thinking
Hi, I'm not sure when you're leaving on the train, so hope this post isn't too late! I've got an active 2yo boy and we've travelled a bit and here are some ideas that I gathered :

Have a bag purely for your daughter's things so she can go through it without you worrying about your wallet, keys, documents etc.
I just bought a little backpack with a handle and wheels so it acts as a luggage trolley for him to lug around ; since it's a backpack, I can easily carry it and still keep my hands free.

A blank exercise book to doddle in and pens / pencils / crayons.

I printed off a whole stack of colour-in pictures from his fav cartoons, cars, trucks, trains, planes (he's a boy's boy!) and animals and numbers...anything that he enjoyed looking at.

Little stickers - I'm cheap, I get a role of masking tape and draw little pictures on it to create stickers on the go. Plus they come off easily.

Self-inking stamp is great too but specify stamping only in the book (I actually let DS stamp his hands as well)

Little calculator that looks like a mobile - DS is not at all impressed with toy phones and wants one that actually looks real.

I'm hesitant about little jigsaws and toys with many parts because they can get lost easily. If you want to bring them (my son has a fav jigsaw puzzle that I bring everywhere), keep each set in a ziplock bag.

A couple of new books - Samuel's into trains, so i got him 2 new little Thomas tank engine story books.

I also go to the discount store and get duplicate toys - a set of 3 little cars, party favours are great and cheap and come in sets so that if you lose one, it's not a big deal.

I printed off the lyrics of loads of TV songs and nursery rhymes and sang till I was hoarse, but DS loved it smile In fact, we do it in the car all the time, and I make up songs about things we see or are doing.

OK, so this is a VERY LONG post!
Sorry! Got a bit carried away.
We're planning a holiday in June, so I'm brimming with ideas at the moment smile

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06

Hi There Samchic.
I hope this isn't too late and your trip is still coming.... but I thought of this.
If you have a window seat, you can try playing games with the things you see outside the window. We took a long car trip last year and this saved our sanity. My husband drove and I played games with James. When driving in the city areas, I'd point out all the different coloured cars/trucks etc. When driving in the more rural country areas, I'd point out sheep and cows. Seeing we were in Tasmania and doing a lot of driving between towns, it wasn't long before James was pointing out the sheep and cows and horses. (it was also a good way to teach him left and right - I'd say look left or look right and point that direction at whatever we were looking for). Anyway, thought this might just while away a little time for you both. Hope your travels go well.....!+

James' Mum

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