hi ladies, my DD just turned 4 in June and she has a trike but shes getting a bit old for it.

she would have gotten a bike for xmas last year except we dont have any concrete for her to ride on we have gravel and its to hard for her to pedal and get it going, we have a very small paved area she used her trike but its to small for a bike. We live rural so its a drive to concrete and not safe to bike on the hilly road.

I was thinking today that maybe a balance bike with rubber wheels might work on the stones ok as she would have more emuf using her legs rather than the pedles.

im after opinions as to if you think it would be ok on the stones and also which brand, i have seen mocha they have a nice green one which looks cool and is suppose to do till age 6 and ive also heard of the wishbone, they seem very expensive.
Toy world have pink and black ones down to $117 at moment which are called cobra bikes havnet heard of these before so dont know if they are any good.

Are there any others i should be looking at that dont know about?

thanks for your help smile