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Limo style pram feedback Lock Rss

Hi all, we are due to have our second baby in November, as there will only be 16.5 months between our children, I think I will still be fairly reliant on a pram, especially as DS is not yet walking. We are looking at a limo style pram, as I like that they are the same width as a normal pram, and most we have seen fold up fairly compact. However, I have heard concerns about them being difficult to steer with a toddler in the front and issues about them being awkward. I thought I would prefer it to a side by side. Can I please get some feedback by mums that have the limo style or who have had both a limo and side by side and what you think.
Also I have thought against a pram with a toddler seat as I think if DS wants to nap in the pram this would be very uncomfortable in a toddler seat which doesn't recline or have a headrest.
im looking to buy the love n care twingo pram for when i have my next baby as both seats fully lay flat can both face me or both face away or one of each i saw one today fit through normal door way

i had limo one when my oldest 2 were little i hated it lasted 8 weeks with it
it wouldnt stear with toddler in from couldnt lay toddler down for a nap only semi reclines and if your not carefull they dont lock open proper and can callops with the kids in like mine did

Thanks for the feedback, we had a look at some side by sides and they look ok. Also at the Phil and Teds style. We are thinking about waiting and seeing if we really need one tho now, as we may do ok with the hug a bub and a single pram. I found the hug a bub really easy to wear and up til about 6 months quite comfy, by then we can see how DS is managing with walking.
Our DD was 21mths when DS was born. We had bought a iCandy pear. I only used it as a double pram for around 4mths.
I was lucky that I bought the pram at an expo just as the came out in australia, so when I sold it, i pretty much got what I paid for it back.
Looking back, i would have used a sling when DD didn't want to walk or when she needed to sleep if we were out for the day.
At around 2 1/2 we got one of those skateboard type things that attach to the back of the pram & she would just jump on that when she didn't want to walk anymore.
Maybe a skateboard could be a cheaper option than getting a double pram that you may not use for a long period of time..
phil & teds are bringing out a new pram called the navigator, it looks pretty good, the toddler seat can recline slightly and you can use a capsule and toddler seat together. its not out yet i think its supposed to be available later this month.
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