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I've started this year a Facebook store called
Mummys Cherub Boutique.

What products do you think I can add to help mums out? Or things that you deem hard to find or prices are crazy on??

Here's my page have a browse and give me your HONEST opinion.

I do one market a month (Little Big Markets) seeing as I'm a stay at home mum I can't do much more than that!
Hi smile

That is such an awesome idea. You get to be productive & creative whilst also being so close to your little one/s.

I always look online for "daycare" clothes or easy wear clothes for around the house. Easy onesies up to size 2/3. They're always "branded" or so over priced.

Would love to see kids pram toys (wooden) for sale. Books or creative packs for toddlers? (Could include play dough, colouring books etc) great gift and holiday ideas.

Best of luck with your business venture!
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