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My 2 year old DS wears Huggies Walker Nappies during the day and Junior Nappies at night time. A week ago he started waking up in the morning with a leaking nappy - over his wondersuit. singlet and sleeping bag. We thought it might be the cold weather so he has the oil heater in his room now but it has not helped. He has his last drink at about 5.30 at night and sleeps from 7pm to 7am. There are no bigger size nappies in Huggies so we can't buy the next size up for night time (like we have done previously). Does anyone have any ideas???
Try Dry Nites. they worked for my son. and also helped when he began toilet training.
My son has started doing the same the last week. He wakes up drenched in the middle of the night. I have tried cutting the tabs off a nappy, wrapping it around his abdomen then putting a normal nappy over the too, however this still didn't work for us ( maybe I did it wrong). Going to try switching to huggies, then ill try going up a size if that doesn't help.
Ill be following to see any other suggestions.....

I think I found something that worked! It was only one night so far but I put undies over the nappy (I thought it might keep it closer to the body). No wet pjs or bed this morning smile

One of the mums in the another thread said about poking holes in a nappy then another one over the top to keep them dry all night. Briliiant idea!
Thankyou for your suggestions! I bought a packet of Dry Nites and the last 3 mornings he has woken up dry. He is not fully toilet trained but I have also started getting him to go to the toilet before bedtime as well. I am enjoying not having to wash every day!!
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