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Jolly jumper chain bouncing out of hook. Rss

Hi, has anyone had an issue with baby bouncing to hard and the chain bouncing off the hook? This happened to my 6m son today, he jumped and fell out and hit his head and now has bruises, he is under the weight limit and I have no idea how this was possibble. I have never heard of this happening? I will be complaining to jolly jumper as I would hate for this to happen to anyone else.
Why bother with such a small child on a jumper? I'd like to ask an incorrect question, but I will refrain. I will advise for the future - think with your head what you are doing, and do not get fooled by any promises that it is safe, etc. The manufacturer is indifferent to your child; he is interested in profit.
My brother also stated jumping with the basketball which I brought from ....This blog has a proper guide for children and we enjoy our game a lot and brother stated jumping...
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