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how young can they go into booster seat? Lock Rss

i have a large son 12 kg and 78 cm long when bub number 2 comes not sure if we need 2nd car seat or go for booster seat.

how young is too young?

Booster seats say they can go into them at 14kgs. My DD (22mths) is 14kgs and 90 cm tall. I think we will get her one in the next few weeks. Can you hire a capsule for a few months to avoid the cost of buying another car seat just until your son weighs enough to go into a booster seat?
Just a suggestion.

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

well my daughter is 2 and weighs 11.5kg and is already in a booster seat. she finds it more comfortable then a normal seat.

philippa mum of Charley chicken


We were in a similar situation. DS is 15mths (11kg & 80cm) and #2 is due early October. We couldn't decide on whether to get another carseat or not, luckily the lady at the shop was really helpful.

We ended up buying a safe-n-sound Maxirider, which is basically a 5point harness booster seat. The 5point harness can be removed for when they are big enough to have just a booster. One thing about the maxirider is that it still has the recline option, so if your child still sleeps in the car you can recline the seat.

When #2 is 9kg they'll go into DS old carseat, then hopefully by time #2 is ready for a booster, DS will be out of his.

I must say that i wish we had brought a safe-n-sound first time round, they have a much higher back on them which means your child can last longer in the carseat. I think safe-n-sound and Phil & Ted are the only people that make the higher backs on carseats.

Hope this helps.
I was wondering about this myself, and I found a study on the internet conducted by the RTA and the NRMA. The study found that they can go into a booster at 14kgs, but the absolute safest option is a carseat. They said kids should stay in the carseat until they are literally too big for it, ie. their shoulders are too wide. If you do get a booster seat, it must have a back, and the highest, widest sides you can find, for side impact protection. The study also said that the booster only protects them in an accident if they are sitting properly in it, ie. haven't falen asleep and slumped down. This is another reason to make sure they have a proper harness, to hold them in place as much as possible.
Hope this info helps- I'll certainly be keeping my toddler in a proper carseat as long as I can!
ps. the study also said that boosters, provided the child is big/heavy enough, are fine as second car or occasional carer such as grandparents options.

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

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