Hi, need help with regards to prams.

I've got a 2yo toddler and expecting Baby2 in Oct. DS1 will be about 2 1/2yo by then and he's not really the type who will hold my hand and walk sedately next to me - more inclined to run madly through the shops! So I'm hoping to get a pram that can sit a toddler (unfortunately current pram does not have that option).

But I've seen basically 3 different kinds - the standard 3-wheel with toddler sitting up front; bertini 4-wheel with toddler sitting up front; phil & teds e3.

I think DS1 will be too big to sit on the conventional toddler seats for too much longer, so I like the look of the e3 and like that the 2 toddlers (in future) can both have some space, but I dunno if DS1 is going to be too old to sit in the pram.

Also, how do you get the infant in and out from under the toddle? Do you put the baby in feet first?? I've seen a friend with that pram and still am puzzled as to how she gets her baby in and out easily.

Would love feedback. (And will post this in infant section too).