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BabyLove Tandem Lite Stroller/MacLaren Twin Stroller Lock Rss


I wonder if anyone who has this model could give me some advice. It is one of the tandem prams and I am wanting to use it for shopping and walking to/from the shops.

My son will be 2 1/2 when our next baby is due at the start of November and I have seen this tandem which I think will suit our needs, but would be great if someone could let me know what they think of it if they have one. Good and Bad points!!

I've also considered the Maclaren Twin Stroller although this is a lot wider and may be difficult in shopping aisles etc etc.

Thank you!



Hi Helen,
I bought the babylove pram and have only recently been using it as my baby is only 5 weeks old, a couple of problems i found with it is that it is hard to get things into the basket underneath when the baby is lying down and that my son can reach the front wheels with his feet making it hard for me to push around. Other then that i think it is great. And i'm not sure but people may have similiar problems with other prams.
Take care
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