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question about twin joggers. Lock Rss

Just out of interest:
If you put a toddler and a newborn in a side by side three wheeler jogger (twin jogger) will it be unbalanced or even tip over because of the difference in weight between the toddler and the newborn?

Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

Hi Clarebear83
I have a twin 3 wheel jogger with a baby and a toddler. I have never had a problem with it tipping over and my toddler is a very active boy who constantly wants to get out, so there is a bit of thrashing about with no dramas at all. He climbs in and out of when it is sitting in the garage.
Their weights are 8.5kg and 16kg so as you can tell its a bit uneven.
I hope this helps

kelly QLD 2 Boys & 1 Girl

Hi Clare,

I did have that problem. I bought a twin pram 2nd hand, it was in perfect order. But I found that the pram did tend to stray to whichever side I had my toddler in.

It was too much stress on my back, forever trying to correct it. So I ended up buying a toddler seat for my original pram.

There was probably about 10kgs difference in my children at the time.


mum of two

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