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I am having a lot of trouble finding a good reasonably priced toddler bed. Online you see these great beds availble in the states but not available in Australia. I am wondering if any mums have any ideas on how and where to find toddler beds.
My son moved into a bed when he was 18 months old. I wanted to get a nice bed for him and I didn't really like the pipeline ones that are widely available.

I finally found a lovely wooden bed, and the matress is only about as high as your knee maybe even a bit lower. I live in perth and found a small furniture place in Forrestfield. I think that it was one that they make on the premisses. I thought that it was a good price as the frame is solid wood and was only about $150.

I think that you'll just have to look around in stores that sell single beds and find one that you like. I did find it hard to find one as they are all usually very high and most toddlers would not be able to get into them, without some help from a step.

Maybe you could try 1/2 price pine or places like that if you are looking for a wooden bed.

I hope this helped.
We put our eldest straight into a single bed, with an extra mattress on the floor next to him. He's quite a tall boy, and we figured that a toddler bed probably wouldn't last very long!!!
My daughter went into a bed at 21 months. I purchased a single ensemble on wheels. Great for pulling out to clean under and around the bed. This ensemble was made by LeCornu furniture, Anzac Highway, Keswick, South Australia. (Their home brand)
The bed is low and for added saftey I put her Pooh bear pull out lounge next to her in case she falls out at night. (The lounge is the one you can buy at Target)
My daughter is number five and with the others I put a bean bag near their bed for saftey.
My daughter is 23 months now.
Hope this helps, and good luck..


When i was shopping for my cot (before baby came) i found babyco had a few decent looking toddler beds. I luckly managed to get a really good converting cot. babyco did have a nice timber toddler bed for around $200 - my baby is only 11 months so i can't see that their range has changed a great deal in this time.

Best of luck with the shopping.

Thanks everyone for your help. I will have look round and see how i go
I moved my son into a single bed when he was 18 months. I made sure one side of his bed was against the wall and for the other I bought a fisher price bed rail from target. You can also get a saftey first brand bed rail from target. These are great easy to set up and do not cost heaps. About $60.00
Toys'r'us sell toddler beds that fit cot mattress for 200 and less

Mother of Bryce and Jake

Have you seen the range at Ikea they have all different styles from junior beds even adjustable ones from junior to normal size. some are a little expensive but with the range your bound to find one. Good luck.

ALhtough my son is not ready for a toddler bed I have heard a few people say they brought single beds with trundles that slide underneath. They started their children in the trundles then when they were big enough to go in the single bed they also had a spare bed for guests that fits under the bed!

Janelle Vic

Hi, We bought a single bed from Furniture Spot for around $170 and a Thin foam matteress for around $40. We can then change the matteress to a quality one when our daughter gets older. The thing we liked with it is that its not to high for her, she climbs on to it like she does with the sofa and we have bed rails both sides for safety. We wanted a bed that could go through all ages so this one is wrought iron with wooden posts and looks beautiful.

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hi Beth!!
If you have a IKEA store handy near by pop in & look at their range of beds.Not only are they "nice looking" but the price is even better.Jordans bed was $80 it is not as high as a single bed but is as long.They have a wide range of beds for kids & if i remember rightly there was 3-4 different styles of toddlers beds.
Good luck & happy bed hunting!!
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