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Fine motor skills Lock Rss

I was after some suggestions for what toys you might have got your little ones to help develop their fine motor skills. I think we are getting close to progressing to some more interactive type toys, just not sure what to start looking at.

Thanks in advance.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My mum got Logan an excellent shape sorter for his birthday. It makes noises as he matches each shape and colour and gets them into the hole. When he has finished putting them all in it plays a tune. It also has othe activities on it so it's a really good alrounder. Not sure where she got it but I could find out if you want.

Another good thing (and inexpensive) to do is to get an ice cream container and cut a hole in the lid. Give them some lids from baby food jars, etc and htey can "post" them. I read this idea somewhere so I've kinda stolen it.

Logan is fascinated with bottles and lids -he can actually get the lid back onto an empty drink bottle as he showed us last night! Isn't it amazing what they can do sometimes!

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

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