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I think the harness is a great idea. Our daughter is at that stage where we need to use a harness. Can anyone help with where i can get one?

mel, NSW, 14 month girl

I have seen a harness that is attached to a backpack that the child wears. I'm sure I saw it at Toys'R'Us but I'm not sure how much it cost. This seems like a great idea because it would feel more 'grown up' to have a special backpack than to have a wrist strap or harness. One thing that I found good when I have had 2 or more toddlers to take care of (I only have 1 of my own), and wanted to go somewhere like the park with a single pram, was to 'practice' holding on to the pram before we left. We would pretend to cross the road in the back yard (including practising the stop, look and listen) and they would be congratulated when they held the pram as we pretended to cross. They think it's the best game, it's all in your attitude. I have done this many times over the years (including before I had my daughter) and have had no trouble. I think keeping it possitive and giving lots of praise for good behaviour makes it much easier. Having a harness on for a precaution would make it even safer.

Lucy's Mum

My mother used a harness on both of us when we were children, and I am fully intending to do the same. I am not sure whether I will get a leather one, or a webbing one, but I am not prepared to go into the big malls once my son starts walking without some insurance! Too many hazards aside from his desire to explore. I don't care what people think, my son's safety is much more important than people's opinions.

As far as where to get them from is concerned I have seen them in Baby stores in NZ such as Baby City, and vaguely remember seeing something along the same lines in K-Mart's baby section.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

I too use a baby harness, but I think for some different reasons. We use it when we go camping so while we are sitting and relaxing in the arvo sun we know our son can play safely on the grassed area. We simply put a tent peg in the ground and feed the handle through it. He can then have an area to play in and will not get hurt. I also use it when I have to go shopping in my wheelchair. He wears his harness and sits on my lap and I wrap the rest of the harness extension around my waist and secure. I know then he is securley in place on my lap. It gives me the freedom to go shopping just with my son (I used to have to have some-one else come to push the pram/stroller). The other reason we use it is if we are at friends or family's houses where they do not have a high chair. We just sit him on a normal chair with his harness on and with the same idea as the previous reason he is then strapped securly into a chair. Thomas has just only started walking so I guess we will also use it for that as well when the time comes. So in my opinion they are real handy
I've been looking for a baby harness and am having trouble finding one I like.

I've seen the ones with the thick straps (like on a pram/stroller) and the back pack one but I actually want one of the leather (or leather like) ones that are thin and white and have a long rein.

Can anyone tell me if they have seen them anywhere please.
I have just bought a webbing harness after ringing Baby City in NZ and being told the company they used to get the leather harnesses from has stopped making them. Try ringing your local shops and see if they can find one for you, or look for one second hand (check it carefully of course).

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Did you have any luck finding a harness??

We are embarking on a holiday on a yacht and I really want to use a harness so that we can attach my son to the boat as a safety measure.


NSW, DS 31 Jan 2003, DD 15 Aug 2006

I'll try calling a few places to see what they say. Someone else also told me that the leather ones aren't made anymore.
We just bought a Moose Noose from Moosebaby NZ website and it works really well with our boy.
He wasn't that keen on it but now he has learnt to walk nicely with it.


I use one for my DD. I bought her one of the animal backpack ones. It was a bit more expensive ($30) but Ive had so many positive comments about it and people asking me where to get one (toys r us, if you're wondering).

I like that DD can't run off. She refuses to sit in the pram for more than 10 minutes and will only hold my hand for a couple of minutes. For some reason though with the harness on she will stay with me and hold my hand for ages. It makes going out with her so much nicer.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

I also have an 'animal' harness it looks like he has a puppy on his back - and my son LOVES wearing it. It looks more like a backpack than a "leash" lol... and I have also only had good feedback from strangers - not that I really care what they think, they look at him and say how cute he is, as he struts along wearing it proudly. I got mine at Brisbane Bubs Strathpine, but you can get them at toys are us too.
I got one for my son when he could walk and esp for when we went on holidays and were in unfamiliar surrounds. I got him the animal style one (it looks like a monkey on his back) and he LOVES it- he even likes to wear it around the house (strap removed). It makes a world of difference to your confidence and he will notice. If ur worried he will get hurt- then a harness will help until he is at an age when he will listen and respond.

Ps Dont worry about what strangers think do whats right for u and ur son.

oh and i got mine for KMART
good luck
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