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  5. how to entertain a 14month old boy???????????????

how to entertain a 14month old boy??????????????? Lock Rss

big problem ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

we go to playgroup on a wed and nans on thurs so izacc has new things to do on those days,
but on the other days he gets bored playing with his toys, he plays for maybe 30min if that on his own then he'll come and want me so i play for a bit, again he gets bored, we go out side most days for a run in the backyard.
he loves music so i put that on,
im trying to get him to hold a crayon to draw but i have to keep trying with that,
he is very clever for his age and understands most things i say.
is there anything i can give him or start doing to keep him entertained?????????
I've heard that boys are usually more active than girls - would you say thats true from your experience? I must have it reall lucky that DD is pretty much happy entertaining herself or playing with her toys. We don't spend much time outside, other than walks, because of he weather.

How does your DS go watching TV programs?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i was going to ask a similar question to kazi. Have you tried the Wiggles? My son is very active, he has so much energy and just doesn't stop all day. I am lucky he is very happy to entertain himself most of the time but if he had his way the Wiggles would be on the tv all day. He loves them and it is the only thing that he will actually stop and sit for.

Lochie is 17 months and only in the past month or so has been doing this (happily playing on his own) so maybe as he gets older you may find it a bit easier.Lochie's favourite toys at the moment are his truck that has blocks in it, he loves lining them up or tipping them out and putting them back in, he has a few cars that he loves pushing and any type of balls, especially those fisher price ones with the things inside them (sorry not sure what they are called) but he loves throwing them down the hallway keeps him amused for ages.
Just a few suggestions. Hope it may help.

2 yrs

u could read to him, if my daughter is bored or if i'm busy i put on a dvd. if he has a favourite character u buy the dvd for it. my duaghter loves elmo so she has two elmo dvds if she is bored.u can put on any type of music and dance with him. i do that with my daughter she ablolutely loves dancing. u can take him to the park when its a nice day and let him run around with a ball. try intereacting with him by singing him baba blacksheep and making different noises, and pulling faces at him. kids love it when u make them laugh. i sing baba blacksheep to my daughter and she sings with me. its great fun. just try different things.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

You poor thing. you must be at your wits end trying to think of ideas for your son?

Have you ever tried kindy gym???

I work with children myself and there minds must go 1000 miles per hour on what todo next and some of them are more the type that come up to me and ask what shall i do next?

alot of parents from the gym i work at put there children into a kindy gym and say they never look back on sending there child there for a few hours.
and it gets you some free time to relax.

why don't you get some of your friends who have children and organzie a day. that way your week for your child wont be so boring

Aunty tara

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