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Do you have Dora Explorer talking trampoline NEED ADVICE Lock Rss

My DD got a Dora the Explorer talking trampoline for christmas and she really likes it. My neighbour also got one for her DD but she told me the
??protector rings?? (the bits you thread the elastic through) had already come off hers in 2 places. Which has me worried they have only had them for a week and i can already see 1 of my DDs coming away from the mat too.

I dont know if i should return it or if those bits coming away from the mat dont really affect the durability of the mat.
Has any one had one longer than christmas?
Is this happening to yours too?

Im worried that once the rings are off the mat will start to rip too.

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

hi i actually bought mine off the 'chuck out' rack at kmart with three rings already off it(i only paid 10 bucks for it but)and the rest have come off and the mat is starting to 'tear', i thought of replacing the glues on rongs with sail eyelets but it was hard enough getting the mat on in the first place. we are just going to get a regular tramp. once this one dies, but you would think that you could by replacemnt mats for them seeing as they are pretty expensive to buy initially............cheers cat
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