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twin parms toddler seat getting in and out of places? Lock Rss

I have recently been looking into the twin prams or the prams with a toddler seat as I have a 13 month and a 3 month my only concern is that I cant even take my pram to Coles as it doesnt fit through the checkouts I have to go to the disabled one and wait until someone nice lets me through while my partner is with the trolley and my other son in another checkout. Anyone that has brought either type of prams except the 3 wheelers I heard there not ver stable. Has anyone had any trouble getting in and out of places?

mum to Jacob 22/3/04 Liam 5/2/05


I have a jogger pram and i have trouble getting in and out of most check outs. The back wheels normally get stuck so my partner will normally have to take my son out through the express lane where there is much more room. I have also been looking into twin prams and ones with toddler seats, personally i like the ones with the toddler seats because normally the older child doesn;t want to lay down they want to sit up the front and watch everything.

I would also like to hear how other mums have gone with either twin prams or ones with the toddler seat.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06


I have the Valco Runabout Deluxe and I am very pleased with it. I do have the problem at the shops of being able to get through checkouts etc as you have explained yourself however I don't really mind. I would rather do this than have to put up with a double pram which is useless when the older child doesn't want to sit in the pram anymore. They are also either longer or wider than the pram I have now.

As far as the joggers being unstable with the toddler seat I would have to disagree in part and say that not all of them are unstable. The one I have is designed so that the weight of the child and the baby is distributed more evenly so that it is hard to tip the pram over. The Phil and Ted jogger is also very stable with the extra seat on as the baby rides underneath the seat of the pram (if that makes any sense!) This pram is expensive but it is very light and not as wide as the other joggers on the market.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi there

Like Kristi I have the Valco Runabout Deluxe, and so far I have found it to be really stable with the toddler seat. It is hard to get through narrow spaces, but before I bought it I tried pushing the side by side and tandem prams and the Runabout was by far the easiest to manouvre. The other thing I like about it is the toddler seat can hold up to 20 kg whereas most of the other brands only hold up to 14 kg - even the front seat in the tandem pram. Even with my old pram (Peg Milano) I still had to go through the disabled checkouts at big w and target. I'd recommend trying them out - pushing them around and folding etc before you buy one and find what's most comfortable for you. The only other thing I don't like about the runabout is that it is too big for my car boot and I have to take the back wheels off to put it in - although it is easy to take them off and put back on.

Roughly what price is the Valco Runabout Deluxe and do most stores sell it?

mum to Jacob 22/3/04 Liam 5/2/05

my second is due in the next couple of weeks and we tested them having heard about the three wheelers being unstable or front heavy. We went with the valco and toddler seat too. As for stablitity we set ours up and I turned my back for a min and my toddler (just under 14kg) climbed into it and the thing didnt budge - we went to babies galore and they suggested putting our toddler in the prams and they grabed five kilos of stuff for the baby section to test how it handled. The valco was by far the best. The tandems were way too long for someone as short as me to handle let alone collapse. I have to say I did like the idea of being able to push the jogger up to a table and put my toddler in a chair or booster seat and leave the baby sitting up in the pram at the table as you can collpse the toddler seat without removing it so your baby can see unhindered while your toddler is out of it. You can also get extras like a hood for the toddler seat. We paid just unnder $500 for the pram and toddler seat all up on special.
I have to say I am reassured at the positive coments you guys have had to say smile
oh and if you dont have a parnter with you while shopping I always ask them to open the disable isles or go to the service desk - I havent had a problem - my single pram had trouble fitting through most!

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3


We have a side by side twin pram. Adventure Jogger $1000. I loved it and the wheelchair aisles in the supermarket have always been open. Its 4 wheels and only 18kg. But the kids are now old enough to fight together in it now. I have once not been able to fit in a baby change room at a shopping centre and I cracked it!!!!!!!!!

I now try and use separate strollers if there are 2 of us to push!!!!!


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Hi Palcidkitty

We paid just over $500 for the valco with the toddler seat - but that was on special. I think normally it's around $600 with the toddler seat. We bought it from babies galore. My sister just bought one too and she was told that the runabout makes up 80% of their pram sales.

Hi again

I got my Valco on special for $475.00 and then got the toddler seat for $89.00 also a special. If you look around you can get them cheaper when colours are discontinued for example. There is also the base model which is around $100.00 or so cheaper than the deluxe model and basically does all the same things.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

I have 2 sets of twins 4yrs and 22mths. The trick to getting in and out of supermarkets is getting them to open the disabled register. I simply stand at the disabled register and ask them to send someone down to serve me at it telling them that the pram will only go through this disabled/pram eisle. I have never had any trouble doing this at any store that has this eisle. Trust me they will open the register. It is far too impracticle for someone to line up while someone else takes the pram out, I have also tried this. Besides you know you will be first in line to be served!!

lisa, mum of 2 twins

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