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activites fun and games for home Lock Rss

hi just wondering what ideas all of u creative mums have out there for things to do at home with toddlers? i want to get her into crafty , brain stimulating ideas but she is so flustered by all of her toys. so im packing them away and we are going to do old school fun and games... trouble is im stumped for ideas...

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi Rebecca,

Have a look under 'fun and games' and Huggies have done a rainy day box. I had already made one for my 2 19 months old. Its messy stuff but we love creative play and who cares if you have to clean up, at least the kids are happy!


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Hi, it depends on her age. Mine have sooooo many toys and keep going back to the steady favourites like leggo, tea set & latex animals. 3yr old can identify many different animals as a result. I keep old cartons, plastic jars, toilet rolls etc and have safety scissors & clag glue but I'm not fantastic at craft! You get lots of ideas watching Playschool etc. I sometimes get out the cartons etc and "set up shop" and my 3yr old comes in with her shopping bag. I play music & we sing & dance (often to MY music) sometimes get out the crayons and draw a theme picture like beach, forest etc, usually they will take over at that point! Anyway, always on the lookout for ideas so will be keeping an eye on this thread.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

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