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leap pad vs powertouch Lock Rss

does anyone know which one is better between leap pad by leapfrog and powertouch by fisher n price? i wanna buy it for my son, but confuse which one should i got, cause it basically almost the same. i just need the opinions before i buy it.

syd, DS 19 months

Our son has the leap pad. I personally think it is better as it teaches them early how to hold a pen, whereas the power touch you use your fingers.

The books are about the same price, but I think that there is a bigger range with the leap pad. I'm not sure how many batteries the power touch uses but the leap pad has 4 AA, and I would recommend getting rechargeables.
I would suggest that it depends what your child is like with books we bought the little touch leap pad but have not had alot of success as my son is too busy grabbing at the pages and too impatient to sit and read it properly so I think the FP would have been better for us. In my opinion anything Fisher Price absolutely rocks and I regret not sticking to that when I made my purchase.
Hi, we bought our daughter the "Little Touch Leap Pad" for her 2nd Birthday & she absolutely loves it! Still almost 12 mths later she uses it everday. She also has a variety of books to keep it different & I really think she's learnt alot of her colours, ABC's, numbers etc from it. I think they're great!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

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