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What are you 2 year old boys favourite toys?. Lock Rss

I am stuck for ideas on suitable toys to suit my 2 year old son... He loves cars but get bored with them pretty quickly. any ideas?.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

My boy 2yrs 3mths loves pretty much anything in the Fisher Price Little people range also peg puzzles, musical instruments especially little pianos or xylaphones and a variety of telephones and other imitation big peoples objects like lawn mowers ect. However we too find that it is almost impossoble to find toys that capture them for too long sometimes we pack away some of his toys and then when you get them out a few weeks later they are new and interesting so maybe you could try rotating some of his toys to give him variety and make things seem new and exciting. Good Luck.
my little boy love cars balls planes etc but his fav toy at the moment is a baby doll nd my nieces tea set . he loves to talk to the baby nd push her in a stroller nd if she cries he cuddles her or brings her to me nd says its crying he so beautiful ! he likes to have parties with her tea set nd sits there with who ever he can nd poors tea (water or juice) nd has bickies or fruit i know it seems girly but its wat eva kees him happy ! NE WAY MWAH HAVE FUN

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

we are into stickers and safety sissors right now. But I am in the same position as you, I dont know what else to get. We have Duplo and lots of cars but I still think that he gets bored. We cant really go outside to play for longer than 10 minutes. He does love to cook, but I need ideas that they can entertain themselves with as I am often stuck with the newie or doing house work.

Oprah had on her show ages ago the top toys that you need for your children, anyone know what these are?

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

My 2.5 year olds favourite toys are his peg boards, specially wiggles and bob the builder, loves his books (some from the library), and his wiggles guitar, just loves it and it drives me crazy!! He's just discovered domino's (wiggles) and he can set the up himself and knock them down, I'm trying to teach him to make different patterns with them also.

Mum to Bub

My son is also 2 and seems to be interested in something new everyday. I also rotate his toys so he isnt getting sick of them.. he has the pop onz table and he likes building on that. Loves tools at the moment as well. Its hard with all the cold weather to get them out to play, last week with all the rain i brought lots of crayons and jumbo chalk I had a largish cardboard box i sat down and he had a great time crawling in and out and drawing pictures over the box. its usually the simple things that hold their attention the longest.

kelly, NSW

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