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4 wheeler pram with toddler seat? Lock Rss

hi I am wondering if anyone knows of a pram i am looking for, I would like a 4 wheeler as I just don't like 3 wheeler joggers(just a personal prefference) with a toddlers seat? I would also like a reversible handle aswell(don't want much do i?!?) I know there is a pram out there like this as i have seen one but i dont remember the brand or name of the pram, so i don't know where to get it. Any help is appriciated!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

I am also looking for the same but have heard that prams with toddler seats can not have reversible handles. This may wrong but seems to the case with the few i have looked at so far

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

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