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Trikes -what to look for Lock Rss

Looking to buy trikes for our twins (boy and girl) - there seems to be a huge range out there.

Extension handle/Push Bar - are they helpful?

Ones that convert from 3 wheels to 2...

Do we buy cheap ones and spend more on the big bikes later?

What are good/bad things to look out for?

Appreciate any advice.


Hi we bought a playschool trike for our 2yr old and I have to say I have been really disapointed with it. It had a ext. handle so you could push but unfortunately you can't steer with it and it was very hard to use on grass so I personally wouldn't bother with that particular feature we have not used it as it was just too hard. It has also faded terribly, we don't keep it in the sun or out in the weather but after only a few weeks his new bike had faded and looks terrible try and avoid red plastic it doesn't fare well. amazingly the cheapie that he already had has lasted better than his playschool one which was not cheap at all. I would recomend looking for one that suits your kids needs right now without spending alot and then update to the next type when they grow into it.
Thanks for your feedback - I am now a little more aware of what to look for.

Much appreciated


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