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games for the car Lock Rss

I have a 16mth old son and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some games we could play in the car to keep him occupied. We recently did a 12hr trip and travelled through the day and he just cried and cried because he didn't want to sit in his seat for too long. we got him out for a run around every couple of hours but then it was a nightmare trying to get him back into his seat again for the next leg. The next trip is going to be a 17hr drive and I'm dreading it already unless someone has some ideas for travelling during the day. Please help......
Far out - you are brave!!!! I dont have too many ideas, my 14 mo gets bored on a 10 minute trip!!! My latest thing to keep him amused is magazines - he loves turning the pages and ripping them to bits! Might work for a while!! Another friend has a little laptop thing that her bub plays with, and that videonow thing that plays little movies like dora & blues clues...
Good luck smile

Suz, NSW

When my daughter was about 20 months we had to do a long car trip and needed to keep her quiet for a couple of hours. She had a Playschool cd she liked to listen to but I was sick of listening to on the car cd player. My DH bought her a cheap portable cd player to listen to her cds in the car without us having to listen to them. I was worried about her ears but instead of the little bud headphones he bought her a big chunky set of old-fashioned headphones. I check the volume each time she puts the headphones on and she knows I will take it off her if I see her turning the volume up (will that still work when she is 15yrs?). Now she listens to cds on long trips and DH and I get to have adult conversations in peace. By the way, she has graduated from listening to Playschool, to listening to Daddy's cd - a Paul Kelly cd! It's funny to hear a 2yr old singing out of tune to Paul Kelly.

My daughter plays with an etch a sketch in the car (small one), also reads books and looks at different little toys. I bought a back seat car buddy that hangs on the back of the seat - to store things she can play with. We have to make long trips for her hospital check ups - so I bought a dvd player for the back seat (it's the best thing i've bought - can play her movies and keeps her occupied for ages)

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